Noordsche Compagnie - Northern Company



Become a companion of the Northern Company.

Word kompaan van de Noordsche Compagnie.


 kom·paan (dem,vmeervoud: kompanen)


1makker, partijgenoot


With a one-off contribution of Euro 475,- you join the Northern Company.


Contact and bank details you can find here >>



As companion of the Northern Company you have access to the:


  • Unlimited adventurous possibilities of the East-Greenland outdoor playground
  • Fully equipped Northern Company hut in the Inuit village of Kuummiut, East-Greenland
  • Material depot at the hut with lots of mountain, communication, safety, outdoor and camping equipment
  • Local services of the Inuit people in Kuummiut; guiding, dog sleds, boats and snow scooters for transport and pickup
  • Service of professional mountain guides, instructors and specialists that are companion of the Northern Company
  • Unique group of other companions of the Northern Company
  • Activities and trips organised by other companions; and that you can join




You are encouraged to develop and organise your own activities and adventures under the umbrella of the Northern Company; by using its name and all facilities:

  • Kayaking trips, ski expeditions, scientific and/or medical research, sporting events, photography (nature, sport, fashion), team training, think-tank sessions, yoga classes etc.



Companionship of the Northern Company includes:


  • Official listing as a companion of the Northern Company
  • The first 10 nights in the hut
  • Reduced fees for the following nights at the hut
  • Use of the standard equipment available at the hut
  • Reduced fees for the specialist equipment available at the hut
  • Access to the hut for your family and friends
  • A personal email address / email alias of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • An exclusive badge of the Northern Company
  • A space on the photo wall in the Kuummiut hut for a personal frame with a picture of your choice
  • The address list of the Northern Company companions



Now you can:


  • Tell your family and friends you are a companion of the Northern Company
  • Tell your family and friends you also have a second house, at GREENLAND!
  • Surprise your family and friends by taking them with you to an Inuit village and the Greenland back country


As a companion you also support the Arcticycle Foundation:


  • With a one-off financial contribution 
  • By joining the Arcticycle working groups (Arctic waste management, renewable energy, eco-tourism)