Noordsche Compagnie - Northern Company - Nordlicher Kompagnie



Specialist equipment

Expedition Dome 6p tent Mountain Hardware Satellite 6 Rental
Expedition 3p tent Mountain Hardware Trango 3 Rental
Tent snow stakes 11x long, 18x normal With tent
Tent snow anchors 6x With tent
Tent snow brush   With tent
Fuel stove MSR Dragonfly Rental
Fuel bottle MSR With stove
Fuel stove Optimus Nova Rental
Fuel bottle Optimus With stove
Extra fuel bottle Sigg With stove
Gas canisters   With stove, Per use
Fuel jerrycan   With stove
White fuel    Per use
Large pan   With stove
Large kettle   With stove
Stove windshield & platform   With stove
Gas stove Optimus Crux stove Rental
Small pan Optimus Crux cook set With stove
Satellite phone Iridium Extreme 9575 Rental
Satellite phone Iridium 9505A Rental
PLB   Rental
VHF radio ICOM V8 136-174 Mhz (including maritime channels) Rental
VHF radio Midland CT790 136-174 Mhz (including maritime channels) Rental
VHF radio   Rental
Waterproof box Pelican With phone and/or radio
Rifle Mossberg 4x4 Bolt action .308 Win Rental
Rifle bag (strap on for backpack)    With rifle
Rifle sac   With rifle
Ammunition  .308 Win With rifle, per use
Trip wire   Rental
Trip wire cartridges   With trip wire, per use
Flares   Per use



Snow Patrol Bas de Nooijer - by Martijn Schell

Standard equipment

Bagage nets for snow scooter    
Spare and repair material    
Spare snow shovel BCA  
Spare avalanche probes G3  
Spare avalanche beacon BCA DTS Tracker  
Spare ski's G3 Synapse 101 1m85 + ION 12 rental  
Spare climbing skins G3 Alpinist for G3 Synapse  
Spare climbing skins G3 Alpinist  
Spare climbing skins Black Diamond  
Spare ski poles G3  
Climbing rope    
Climbing rope    
Snowshoes Tubbs  
Bivi bags 2p 5x  
Watertight duffel bag    
Watertight duffel bag    
Watertight sacs 2x  
Waterproof container    
Duffel bag    
Pocket knife    
Long spoons 2x  
Plates 2x  
Bowls 3x  
Spare gloves 10Peaks, Multiple pairs, different sizes  
Hand warmers 5x  
Feet warmers 5x  


Fully equiped at Kaarali Glacier camp - by Arthur Glaser


Hut equipment

See Hut Kuummiut ->>


Transport equipment

Pulka  1x  
Snow scooter    
Sea Kayaks  8x  
Boat with outboard