Noordsche Compagnie - Northern Company



Our world is ever warmer, ever more crowded, and ever more plugged-in. So there’s something wildly refreshing about a place that’s about 80% ice covered, boasts the world’s lowest population density, and has cellular coverage so poor that many rely on satellite phones. Come to see the midnight sun on the glaciers, sail among breaching whales, ski between the mountains, watch the Northern Lights dance across the Greenland ice sheet.


Become a companion of the Northern Company.

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At the bottom of the Ammassalik Fjord, just a few hours by boat from Kulusuk’s international airport in East Greenland lies the village Kuummiut. On the surface it is a quiet fishing and hunting community of about 300 people, much like many other villages around Greenland. But there is another thing on the surface out here. And that is snow.

Kuummiut is known for its extreme snow levels, and every year sees plenty of powder days for skiers in the area, who take advantage of the many peak-to-beach runs both around the settlement and in the alpine backcountry north and west of the village.